NGS Solutions

NGS grade Oligos for a wide range of Library Prep applications


Over the last decades NGS oligo technologies have evolved at a rapid pace, and concurrently so has the demand for high purity - high quality associated products like oligonucleotides. At Biolegio we dedicated ourselves to develop a workflow for NGS oligo’s which has proven itself moreover for various NGS applications.


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NGS Adaptors and Indexes

NGS oligonucleotides often contain specific Adaptor sequences for library fragment recognition by the NGS platform. Another key aspects in NGS is Sample Multiplexing which is enabled by Indexing strategies. With the throughput of sequencing platforms increasing, there have been several established indexing strategies to enable high levels of multiplexing.


Biolegio optimized Adaptor and Index use in collaboration with multiple customers. The high-quality oligo synthesis with mitigated cross-contamination performed at Biolegio will help you to achieve sequencing results you can rely on!



Single indexing

Combinatorial Dual Indexing

Unique Dual Indexing

Delivery format

96 well plates

2D Barcoded plates

Single tubes


Synthesis Quality

Biolegio NGS oligonucleotides are synthesized in an environment which is monitored by externally executed qPCR assays using swaps of the facility, hardware and technicians. 


Mitigate cross-contamination

At Biolegio we offer two NGS oligonucleotide grades: NGS-Standard and NGS-Premium. 

For both categories we give the same attention to the highest quality production workflow to achieve cross-contamination levels below 0.1%!


NGS Standard

Highest synthesis quality


Maximal reduced cross contamination

NGS Premium

HPLC purified oligonucleotides


Full LC-MS report


Highest synthesis quality


Maximal reduced cross contamination

Synthesis Quality

Synthesized under controlled conditions in a ISO13485:2016 certified manufacturing facility monitored by externally executed qPCR assays.