Custom DNA Oligo Synthesis


DNA synthesis has been our core business for over 25 years, with our experience, expertise

and commitment to customer service we hope to exceed the expectations you have

from your Oligo synthesis partner.


Custom DNA Oligos

DNA synthesis has been our core business for over 25 years. All Biolegio custom oligos are manufactured under ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 quality standards. These certification standards reflect high and consistent quality as a result of stringent production and manufacturing procedures.

Custom DNA Oligos for every application

From PCR Primers to highly modified and specialised oligos for countless different life science applications

Custom DNA oligo synthesis from 2 to 200+ bases

Optimised synthesis for very short and very long oligos and everything in between.

Over 300 modifications available

Select from virtually every oligo modification option commercially available.

Flexible Formats

Your choice of plate, strip or tube, dried or dissolved at your desired concentration for optimal flexibility.

Fast turnaround time

Standard DNA oligos are shipped within 24 hours.

Purified & modified oligos within 4 business days,