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Company profile


Founded in 1996 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Biolegio has over 25 years of experience with the synthesis of oligos- with satisfied customers located all over the world. They use our products daily and benefit from our specialist knowledge within the field.

Over the years our product range has expanded from simple custom-made DNA oligos to highly modified and specialised oligos, for countless different life science applications.

These applications include Sequencing & NGS, PCR, Real-Time PCR, SNP detection, genotyping, gene expression and mutation detection.

Our entire product portfolio is available on small scale synthesis for R&D, through to high scale/bulk OEM & B2B services for production requirements, all manufactured at the highest quality standards and traceability to meet the needs for clinical and molecular diagnostic products.

We pride ourselves on our quality, service, speed, flexibility, and communication and look forward to becoming your favourite Oligo supply partner.


The core values of Biolegio.

We believe the key element in satisfying the needs and wants of our customers are our core values as described below. By operating according to these values Biolegio wants to maximize customer satisfaction.

Highest Quality and Service

Optimized synthesize protocols, adopting and developing new techniques and instruments, result in key benefits: next day delivery, low pricing, consistent high-quality and oligo’s up to 200 bases


We listen to our customers take ‘Custom Oligo Synthesis’ to the next level. With our dispensing & packaging service you can have your oligo delivered in any format, quantity, concentration or combination.

Structured Efficiency

Biolegio’s manufacturing facility is reflecting strong product quality and manufacturing procedures and ongoing improvement in those area’s.

Proven Experience

We utilise our 20+ years of experience, giving us the know-how and expertise that is needed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Trustworthy Convenience

A fully automated Laboratory Management System enables to work faster and more efficient. Moreover, it gives you a user-friendly tool to order easy, with full insight in your order status.

Successful Partnership

We deliver, with pleasure, the dedication and commitment that you expect from a successful partnership.